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  • Be yourself, be the Happiest Bride

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    Lavinia Csadi

    We know that finding your dream wedding dress can be particularly stressful. Some dresses don’t really fit your personality, style or budget, but here at Happiest Bride you are free to express yourself. Having a custom made wedding gown, means that your dress will be built around your body and you won’t have to pay a fortune on alterations, nor sacrifice comfort for style.

    We work with some of the world’s finest designers to bring you the most gorgeous, handmade wedding dresses of superior quality, in less than five weeks! Furthermore, to give you a head start we are offering a discount of 20% OFF any and all dresses ordered between May and July 2019.

    Book an appointment in our showroom and try out different styles of wedding dresses. You can add your own touch to any dress in the showroom or you can redesign your dress completely from scratch at an affordable price.

    Two of our brides asked us to personalise the ‘Nude’ and ‘Madeline’ dresses for them. Here they are before and after personalised customisation.

    ‘Madeline’ dress before (left) and after (right) personalised customisation
    ‘Nude’ dress before (left) and after (right) personalised customisation

    Kindest wishes and see you soon.
    Lavinia Csadi (founder)

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