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    How do the appointments work?
    We run by an appointment only basis to ensure that you get the privacy and quality time you need to fully enjoy this experience. We want you to have fun trying on different styles and shapes of dresses. You may be surprised as to what style of wedding dress suits you best. Feel free to discuss any dress modifications you require, with our bridal stylist. You and your guest(s) can also enjoy some refreshments during the appointment, and of course, if you find ‘the one’ there will be time set aside for celebrations so you can truly enjoy the special moment.

    How long is my appointment?
    An appointment normally lasts for 1 hour but can be extended according to your needs. If you find your dress we also leave time for you to celebrate.

    What should I bring to my appointment?
    We encourage you to bring some pictures of dresses that you already may have seen so we can get an idea of what style and shapes you like. We will help you with some suggestions, but the pictures can work as a good starting point. We have a range of heels you can use for tying out your dress, but feel free to bring your own if you so desire.

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