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  • The history

    Happiest Bride
    since 2019


    It all began when I was frantically looking for my own wedding dress. No matter where I went, none of the dresses that I was trying on were really what I wanted. Then as if by a miracle, I stumbled upon Nicole Enea – the wedding dress designer that inspired me. Nicole made me realise that beauty, comfort, on budget and on time are all possible when it comes to the bridal gown of your dreams.

    I remember saying to myself…

    – “I want to give this to all the brides-to-be, from all over the world. I want to bring them the relief that in the midst of wedding preparation madness, against all odds, it can be done.”

    That’s how HappiestBride was born, with a mission to create something beautiful, one of a kind, and personal – with you in mind.

    Lavinia Csadi (founder)




    custom bridal gowns

    The best materials

    We use only the finest, most delicate and carefully selected range of materials, to ensure that your wedding dress exhibits the highest quality standards possible. Even better, we make your bridal gown in less than five weeks!

    custom bridal gowns

    The most unique

    Our inspiration and skilful expertise are harnessed together with your own ideas, to create the unforgettable fairytale of the happiest bride, wearing the most beautiful, truly ‘one of a kind’ bridal gown. Because you deserve it!

    Many Designs, Textures & Colours

    Choose from a wide range of designs, textures, and colours that we provide. Do you like the sleeves of one dress but the skirt of another? Mix and match different design parts from multiple dresses, to come up with your own, original bridal gown.

    • Our mission is to design GORGEOUS bridal gowns.
      Uniquely hand-crafted with beauty in mind.
      Lavinia Csadi (founder)
    • Silky materials, diaphanous colours, lacy textures and more, combined in a special choreography that ends with someone's DREAM dress.
      Nicole Enea (designer)

    bridal gowns

    Fabulous collection